Best Skincare for Pregnancy

These dermatologist-tested, EWG Verified™ new mom essentials are gentle and nourishing for dry skin during pregnancy, stretch marks, and more.

Clean & Gentle Pregnancy Skincare for Moms

Pipette’s new mom essentials nurture, support, and moisturize your skin through all three trimesters and beyond. Thanks to decades of scientific research and innovation, our maternity skincare is clean, safe, effective, and trusted by experts and expecting parents.

What’s the best skincare for pregnancy?
We’ve all heard about the fabled “pregnancy glow,” but skin changes during pregnancy can encompass a lot more than just that. Dryness, sensitivity, and stretch marks are all common skin issues that can crop up during your nine months.

Our clean, science-backed pregnancy skincare is EWG Verified™, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and clinically tested to be gentle and safe for the most delicate skin. Our nurturing mama care essentials form the perfect prenatal and postpartum skincare routine: Our silky, fast-absorbing Belly Oil relieves itchy, tight skin, and our ultra-rich Belly Butter deeply nourishes skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. (And no, Belly Butter is not just for pregnant bellies—it’s perfect for stretch marks after pregnancy, too.) For sleep-deprived parents who aren’t getting their full eight hours, our Look Awake Eye Gel helps to depuff and refresh tired eyes. For bathtime, our Relaxing Body Wash and Relaxing Body Lotion are a perfect self-care duo, with a gentle, citrusy aroma designed to de-stress when you need it most. And if you’re looking for the best baby shower gifts for moms, we’ve got those too: Our To Mama, With Love™ set includes Belly Butter, Body Wash, Body Lotion, and a radiance-boosting dry brush.

What makes Pipette's pregnancy skincare different?
At the heart of all our products is our sustainable, sugarcane-derived squalane. Squalane is a moisturizing superhero ingredient that our skin already knows and loves. When babies are born, their skin is often covered in the vernix. The vernix is Mother Nature’s best skin protection: It nourishes and supports babies’ skin, keeping it hydrated in their first few hours in the world.

It turns out that the vernix is rich in squalene—a version of squalane that our bodies naturally produce. So when we say that our skin easily recognizes squalane, we really mean it: Squalane is literally made to nurture skin, precisely mimicking the substance that brought us safely into the world. You can learn more about squalane's amazing properties here on our blog.

Above all, our team is dedicated to bringing you clean family essentials you can trust. And if we can bring your life a little more support, a little more ease, and a little more space to be yourself, then we've done our job.