Squalane Skincare: Meet Squalane

Babies’ skin is different

You know this already—just one touch of that insanely soft little cheek proves it. But that sweet skin is also particularly vulnerable: infant skin is thinner and loses water much faster than adult skin.

When babies are born, their skin is coated with a creamy substance called the vernix, which provides powerful natural protection for newborns in the first few hours after birth. The vernix is rich with ultra-hydrating molecule squalene, and has a nourishing, waterproofing effect on baby’s skin.

That squalene is your baby’s built-in moisturizer, and is key to keeping skin safe. But after the protective vernix absorbs, your baby’s skin needs a little extra love and care. That’s where squalane comes in.

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Squalane Skincare: Origins

Sources of squalane

Squalene, squalane—we know, it’s confusing! Squalene is what’s in babies’ skin at birth, and it’s also found in other animals and plants. While squalene is an amazing substance in our bodies, it’s also notoriously unstable—but when it’s hydrogenated into squalane, it becomes a much more stable molecule.

In the first half of the 20th century, squalane in cosmetics was derived from shark liver. (Not sustainable, and definitely not cruelty-free.) These days, most of the squalane in skincare comes from olives. Because of crop variability and impurities from the olive oil refining process, the quality of olive-derived squalane can be unpredictable.

Neither of these sourcing methods is up to our standards—ethically, environmentally, or professionally. So we set out to reinvent squalane in our Squalane Skincare products for baby and mom.

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Squalane Skincare: Our squalane

Our Squalane Skincare products are clean, sustainable, and science-backed

We tapped our clean biotech knowledge, and after studying the natural benefits of squalene in our labs our scientists created an extra-pure, sugarcane-derived squalane that baby’s skin readily recognizes.

Sourced from renewable Brazilian sugarcane fields, our squalane is super-safe, exceptionally stable, and environmentally friendly. And because we take a No Compromise™ approach to all our Squalane Skincare products, we tested it obsessively so it’s the cleanest, purest possible ingredient we can make.

Squalane benefits include it being one of the best skin-replenishers around, and it’s at the heart of all our formulas for both baby and mom. And best of all, squalane is something babies’ skin already knows and loves.

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