Baby Essentials Kit Includes Baby Shampoo + Wash in FF 11.8 fl oz, Baby Oil 4.5 fl oz, Baby Lotion Fragrance Free 5.7 fl oz, Baby Balm 2 oz, Baby Wipes 72 ct, & 100% cotton wash cloth.

Here’s a roundup of the best gifts for expectant parents-to-be. These high-quality products are packed with clean ingredients that newborn skin knows and loves.


Baby Essentials Kit, $32

Babies are born without many defenses from the outside elements. That is why it’s so important to establish a newborn baby skincare routine that will keep them clean, moisturized, and comfortable. This kit is stacked with high-quality baby products for bathtime and beyond. It includes our bestselling Baby Shampoo and Wash plus a 100% cotton washcloth, and Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Balm to support baby’s skin—plus Baby Wipes, which are absolutely an essential item when you’re caring for babies.


To Mama, With Love™, $43

This self-care set is a favorite with mamas. Its trio of relaxing bath products are made with clean, science-backed ingredients that moisturize and revitalize skin, plus a dry brush for boosting circulation.


Baby Shampoo + Wash, $10

Newborns’ skin is delicate and doesn’t produce much oil. This sulfate-free, non-irritating formula won’t strip much-needed moisture from their hair and skin, so it’s a great choice for babies.


Baby Lotion, $10

This formula is lightweight yet replenishes natural moisture, which disappears quicker in babies than adults. As always, it’s made with clean ingredients to keep an infant’s skin hydrated. A layer of lotion acts as a protective shield from outside elements that could irritate the baby’s skin.


Diaper Rash Cream, $11

Regularly applying this salve provides a protective barrier to prevent rashes from breaking out. Regular application is a good preventative measure, but if and when rashes occur, this addresses irritation and other symptoms.

To Mama with Love Set, Baby Essentials Kit, Diaper Rash Cream, and Baby Wipes 4-pack.

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