Mom applying Pipette Baby Lotion to Baby.
Mom applying Pipette Baby Lotion to Baby.


How to winter-proof your skin for the cold days and nights ahead.

Winter is here—and our skin is feeling it. Frigid temperatures, icy wind blasts, and the dry heat indoors all spell trouble when it comes to skin’s moisture levels. Employ these seven skincare and lifestyle tricks to stave off dry skin in winter and keep skin smooth, hydrated, and happy all season long.


1. Avoid long, hot showers


We know, we know—cranking up the hot water feels so good this time of year. But extra-hot water strips your skin of its naturally protective oils, and can leave skin feeling dry, tight, or even irritated after a long, steamy shower. Overly hot showers can also trigger eczema flares; keep water at a reasonable warm temperature and try not to linger too long.


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2. Add Baby Oil to your tub routine


Baby oil for dry skin is a must-have, and this is one of our favorite skincare hacks for both you and your kiddo: For an extra-hydrating soak, drizzle a little of our Baby Oil into the bath. This clean, fragrance-free formula is extra-rich in our proprietary sugarcane-derived squalane, which is easily recognized by skin and adds silky, weightless moisture—all before you even drain the tub. Adults should also consider incorporating dry skin brushing into their body care routine: Right before your bath, brush dry skin in light upward strokes from ankles to hips, and from wrists to shoulders. Our vegan-bristle Dry Brush helps to gently slough off dead skin cells, which increases the effectiveness of any moisturizer you use during or after your bath.


 3. Apply lotion when skin is still damp


To lock the maximum amount of moisture into skin, apply your moisturizer when skin is slightly damp and in its most hydrated state; keep this trick in mind when you’re bathing baby, too. When it comes to our favorite lotions for dry skin, we recommend massaging in Baby Lotion (for your baby) or our aromatherapeutic Relaxing Body Lotion (for you) immediately after exiting the bath or shower. That all-important squalane—found in every one of our products—helps seal in hydration and keep skin supple and soft.


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4. Use a humidifier


Humidifiers often show up on baby registry lists, and for good reason: Humid air means happier, more moisturized skin for baby and the whole family. Humidifiers are especially important in wintertime, when you’re dealing with the ultra-dry air that results from turning up the thermostat. Choose a cool mist humidifier for maximum safety (hot steam is too risky if babies or little kids are involved), and make sure you regularly clean all parts of your humidifier to minimize any chance of mold growth. And one added bonus: If you’re dealing with the usual host of winter colds, a humidifier for dry skin can also help you or your child breathe more easily.


5. Wear. Sunscreen.


The myth that you don’t need SPF in winter just won’t quit—but we’re here to set the record straight. While burns caused by UVB rays might be a little less likely, UVA rays (the stealthy kind that penetrate deeper into skin, causing wrinkles and skin cancer) are just as strong in winter. And any time you get skin damage, dry, irritated skin can follow. Our bestselling family favorite Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is like skincare and sun care in one; it’s made with non-nano mineral zinc oxide and skin-calming ingredients to protect from the sun and moisturize at the same time, making it our go-to sunscreen for dry skin.

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6. Bring on the heavy-duty moisturizers


This is the time of year to start layering on ultra-rich ointments like our multipurpose Baby Balm. This type of moisturizer acts as a powerful barrier, minimizing skin’s water loss. Dab Baby Balm on areas that are most likely to be parched: lips, cuticles, elbows, and heels. Adults can also use Baby Balm for “slugging:” Smooth a thin layer of Baby Balm over your regular nighttime face cream as kind of a gentle moisture-locking sealant, and wake up to extra-dewy skin.


7. Drink lots of water (and limit the eggnog)


When your body is fully hydrated, your skin is more hydrated, smooth, and resilient too. Try increasing the amount of water you drink, and watch your alcohol and caffeine intake; both types of drinks can dehydrate you and your skin. But fear not—as you navigate through all the holiday family gatherings, a single spiked eggnog or pumpkin spice latte won’t devastate your skin. In skincare, as in life: Everything in moderation.





The information provided by Pipette is intended solely for educational purposes. The information is not to be used for medical diagnostic purposes and is not intended to serve as a recommendation for treatment and/or management of any medical/surgical condition. Most of all, this information should not be used in place of a physician or other qualified health provider. If you believe you or your child have a medical condition, please contact your physician immediately.


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