Pipette Baby Balm. Multiuse
Pipette Baby Balm. Multiuse

Because listen, sometimes it’s totally fine to steal from a baby.

“Can I use this too?” Parents ask this question all the time about Pipette baby products. The answer is a resounding yes: From Pipette baby balm to body wash, our clean formulas are so thoroughly vetted, you know they’re safe enough for babies’ sensitive skin—which makes them above-and-beyond safe for you (and also the perfect gifts for new parents). Read on for our favorite Pipette baby product hacks for adults.


Pipette Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 also works as…

  1. A makeup primer. Our sunscreen gives the perfect dose of serious protection and hydration so tinted moisturizer or foundation glides on top like a dream.
  2. A sunscreen for face—for you. We took care to make our SPF with noncomedogenic ingredients, so it won’t clog your pores. Plus it’s sheer and rubs in effortlessly—which is always a plus.


Pipette Baby Cream to Powder also works as….

  1. An anti-chafe cream for thighs. This one’s a lifesaver in summertime: Our talc-free formula helps reduce inner thigh chafing and irritation, absorbing excess moisture with arrowroot powder and tapioca starch.
  2. A foot powder. This keeps feet from getting too sticky and sweaty without any messy powder plumes—and minimizes sandal strap rub.
  3. A bra line problem solver. Boob sweat: It happens to the best of us. A little of this wicks away moisture around the bra line.


Pipette Baby Balm also works as….

  1. A cuticle conditioner. Dot a small amount onto your nails and massage into cuticles to help keep them moisturized and supple.
  2. A lip balm. Chapped lips? This is your best friend: The plant-derived squalane is amazing for replenishing parched skin, and gives lips a nice gloss, too.
  3. An overnight foot mask. Massage your feet with a generous dose of balm before bed, tug on a pair of socks, and wake up to extra-soft feet.
  4. A “slugging” night cream. After taking your makeup off at night and applying your regular nighttime skincare, rub a bit of Baby Balm between your palms and gently press into your face. It acts as a sealant so your other skincare sinks in and works even better, and in the morning, the dewy-and-refreshed effect will be next level.


Pipette Baby Oil also works as….

  1. A flyaway tamer. Smooth a couple drops between your fingertips and work through the bottom third of your hair; it adds shine and tames frizz.
  2. A makeup remover. Nothing—we repeat, nothing—works better than oil for lifting up stubborn makeup residue. And because it’s fragrance free, it even works around the delicate eye area.
  3. A bath oil. Drizzle a little into the tub for an added dose of moisture.
  4. A body oil. What works for your baby’s body works for yours, too—especially if you’re sensitive to scents.


Pipette Baby Wipes also work as…..

  1. Makeup remover wipes. The super-plush,100% plant-based cloths are gentle enough for your face, effectively cleansing and leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. For a one-two punch for hard-to-remove makeup, add a few drops of Baby Oil to your wipes.
  2. Biome-friendly hand cleansers. These squalane-infused wipes are perfect to use on the go, and they won’t dry out skin. We love them for getting grime off of toddlers’ hands after a playground expedition.
  3. Quick counter, table, or sink cleaners. We particularly love these for swiping down the bathroom sink area. You’re left with a clean surface, and none of the suspect chemicals that might accompany other cleaning wipes.


Pipette Balm Stick also works as…

  1. Lip balm. Like our Baby Balm, our Balm Stick is a perfect solution for chapped lips—and the no-mess format is particularly convenient when you’re running around.
  2. Brow tamer. Swipe a bit of this on eyebrows to keep wayward hairs in place.
  3. In-a-pinch highlighter. For a subtle, dewy gleam, apply to cheekbones after putting on makeup.
  4. Cuticle moisturizer. A little applied to cuticles helps keep dryness in check.

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