6 anti-racism kids books
6 anti-racism kids books

Because it's never too early to start talking to kids about race, justice, and kindness.

Teaching children empathy at an early age is pivotal to the type of adult they become. It can make the all the difference in how tolerant and kind they are, and whether they are able to see beyond themselves to understanding the feelings of others.The importance of this has never been more apparent in the aftermath following the tragic death of George Floyd, as millions have taken to the streets to demand justice and reform of a system that has been horribly skewed in regard to people of color. Racial empathy is a necessity if we ever hope to build a more equitable society, especially for those of us with white privilege. This is not just a Black issue, it’s an all of us issue, which is why Pipette is donating $50k to The Conscious Kid, EmbraceRace and Teaching Tolerance.


A big question for many parents is when to start talking about race with their kids, at what age. In connecting with organizations that have dedicated themselves to racial equality, we’ve found that it’s never too early. Which is why Pipette is in the process of building a resource library devoted to providing parents with tools to speak to their kids about not only race, but also other issues such as gender identity and bullying. Our goal is to empower parents, so they can in turn empower their children to be thoughtful future leaders; and in doing so build a society where no child should ever experience fear or feel less than simply because of the color of their skin or how they identify.


Here are a few links to help get the conversation started:


For Kids:

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Teaching Tolerance, Civil Rights Activity Book

Teaching Tolerance, Beyond the Golden Rule

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For Parents:

EmbraceRace, webinars and articles

Teaching Tolerance, Speak Up!

Well + Good, novels by Black authors to better understand the Black experience

Kelechi Ubozoh, Reimagining Self-Care for Black Folks


For Educators (and Parents):

Teaching Tolerance, Let’s Talk!

Facing History and Ourselves, online resources

The Education Trust, online resources


On IG:

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As parents we all want the best for our children, which includes teaching them how to create a more inclusive society for themselves. In a world that currently feels heavy and sad this gives me hope. Look for more upcoming resources from Pipette to help support this change—with each step towards a brighter future…

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