“Me time.” It’s a term that can bring up a lot of feelings: Maybe you embrace it fully, maybe you want more of it, maybe you resent the assumption that there even is time to spare. But the fundamentals behind the concept of “me time” are sound: It’s healthy to make space for yourself and your own interests, even if (especially if) you are at the beck and call of the tiny, imperious creature otherwise known as your child. As a company comprised of moms, we know how sacred and necessary self-care is, and how hard it can be to actually do it. So this Mother’s Day, we checked in with moms around the country to find out how they spend their “me time,” strategize their self-care, and renew their caregiving reserves. 


“With a full-time job and two kids, it can be challenging to find 'me time.' My husband and I have worked out a great schedule where we trade off days taking on the kids in the morning. This schedule allows for us to each get a ‘sleep-in morning’ on the weekends, and it enables me to sneak in a Pilates class almost every other day. Basically, I sleep and exercise during my ‘me time.’” – Angela Johnson, mom of a 7-year-old and 9-month-old, @ang_johns0n


“I try to use one nap time and bedtime to find time for myself. At this stage of motherhood, ‘me time’ is usually self-care, a bubble bath, a tv show in bed, or a Pilates class!” – Paige Walker, mom of a 9-month-old, @Heygirlheygirlhey   


“If I have a moment to myself, I try to focus on what my mind and body need. Depending on the day, ‘me time’ ranges from nature walks to visiting a gallery or museum, spa sessions, or a workout (yoga, barre, boxing).” – Margaret Park, mom of a 7-month-old, @ymargp 


“I usually spend ‘me time’ cooking or shooting content for my page! And once in a while my husband and I go on date nights, and we love trying new foods or drinks together.” – Cecilia Oh, mom of a 2-year-old, @ceciliaohur   


“Going to the spa, getting in bed early, watching tv, going for a walk or drive, pampering myself at home.” – Lisa Gozlan, mother of a 4-week-old 


“[I spend it] surrounded by nature.” – Anna Miller, mom of a 2-year-old, @Annaa.milller  


"My ‘me time’ is usually when Hovannes is asleep....if I have help [I love to spend it] pampering myself with a mani + pedi, getting my hair done, or going on a special date with my hubby!” Tyra Hall, mom of a 6-month-old, @Evoltyra

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