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New children’s probiotics brand Jettie explains how immune-boosting and digestion-improving bugs work for kids


Raising a child can leave you filled with questions: Is she hungry? Is he having a good time at school? But most importantly, how can I keep them healthy? We hear this one a lot, which is why we love Jettie probiotics here at Pipette HQ. Jettie has made improving the health of children their mission, and their probiotics are backed by research and pediatrician approved—so parents can relax (as much as that’s ever possible). That’s why we asked Jettie to give us the 411 on how probiotics work for the little ones. And here’s a nice little bonus: you can use discount code ‘PIPETTE25’ for 25% off your Jettie order.

Jettie and Pipette Baby Product Collection

Here’s the scoop on probiotics


If you’re familiar with probiotics, you might know them as “the supplements that help make your digestion regular.” And while that’s true, probiotics are so much more than that. Not many people know that 70% of immune function lies in the gut. In fact, the gut is so important that many people call it “the second brain.” It works like this: when your gut has a large amount of diverse, good bacteria, it’s healthy. And when your gut is healthy, your overall health is positively affected. It’s that simple.


How your infant can benefit


Before a baby is born, their gut completely lacks the good bacteria necessary to boost their immunity and aid in digestion. The vaginal canal does wonders for the healthy bacteria in your newborn’s microbiome—it’s their first introduction to these probiotics they need so badly. However, if a baby is born via c-section, they can kiss this gut-boosting gold goodbye.


When babies are breastfeeding, they’re also exposed to probiotics through their mother’s breast milk. But often, moms find that when they start formula feeding their infant, they notice an increase in digestion issues like constipation. Similac, a key ingredient in formula, is who we have to blame for these tummy troubles. More probiotics for babies means easier diaper changes for you. Jettie Baby (for ages 0-2) was created especially for the needs of infants and the obstacles they may need to overcome during their first two years. Jettie Baby easily mixes into formula so that your little one can get the probiotics they need to keep their digestive system on the right track.

Jettie and Pipette Baby Product Collection

How your kid can benefit


As your baby grows into toddler-hood, you’ll also grow out of the formula feeding and diaper changing phase (hooray!). Their microbiome, however, still needs a little nurturing. In fact, their gut won’t start resembling that of an adult until about 13 years old. Until then, they’ve got Jettie Kids.


Jettie Kids is formulated to boost immunity; a key strain in Jettie has shown to reduce sick days by 31%. When your kids are healthy this means they’re in school and off antibiotics. What’s that we hear? Music to your ears? Jettie Kids also contains strains to combat common childhood health concerns, like gingivitis in teenage boys and diarrhea for….everyone.


What’s the deal with seasonal probiotics?


Research has proven that giving your body a diversity of bacterial strains is necessary for optimal gut health. Research also shows that figuring out how to incorporate diversity into your probiotic routine is a huge pain (okay, research hasn’t proven this yet but we think it should). Jettie is a seasonal probiotic that rotates its strains twice a year, so your child is getting what they need, when they need it.


Jettie rotates strains twice a year, in the spring/summer and fall/winter, so you don’t have to think twice. They have done the research on proven strains, and produced them in small batches so you can count on the freshest ingredients no matter what. They get that parents care about convenience; Jettie’s packets of flavorless powders are auto-delivered monthly, meaning you don’t have to remember a thing, and your child won’t even notice what you’re sneaking into their milk.



Visit Jettie’s website to learn more about the benefits of probiotics, proven strains, and what to expect when you improve your child’s gut health and immunity—and remember to use discount code ‘PIPETTE25’ for 25% off your order.



The information provided by Pipette is intended solely for educational purposes. The information is not to be used for medical diagnostic purposes and is not intended to serve as a recommendation for treatment and/or management of any medical/surgical condition. Most of all, this information should not be used in place of a physician or other qualified health provider. If you believe you or your child have a medical condition, please contact your physician immediately. 


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