Baby products in the sink.

We asked moms on Instagram for their favorite clean-and-sustainable life hacks—and loved what we learned.


Sustainability sounds great in theory—but how do you actually put it into practice in your daily life? We know moms are nothing if not resourceful, so we put out the call to your fellow mamas for their favorite eco-friendly tips, big or small—especially the ones that stick and become part of your day-to-day.


<p style="color:white;">Baby playing with toys</p>

“I love using reusable changing mats for my 9 month old, Grey! I use them for way more than changing his diaper—they are super-useful to keep his snacks on or to keep underneath his high chair during meals! It’s great to know I don’t have to purchase and toss single-use changing mats. Plus it’s much cuter!” ­—@_gabsmartin


<p style="color:white;">Gifts.</p>

“My itty bitty has a bazillion bows and no longer leaves them on her head—so I love to add them to paper bag-wrapped gifts (or reused gift bags) for other new babes to enjoy again!” —@lifeasamarks


<p style="color:white;">Sink</p>

“Give your babies sink baths as long as possible; it’s not only precious but uses a fraction of the water a typical tub does. Or better yet, pop them in the shower with you!” ­—@malloriecooper


<p style="color:white;">Baby on chair</p>

“We love using reusable, sealable silicone snack containers instead of plastic disposable bags.” —@featuringthefulchers


<p style="color:white;">Baby playing with Pipette products</p>

Baby wipes are not just for baby’s bum anymore; at the end of the day, I reach for one to remove my makeup. Repurposing makes mama happy!” —@sincerely.milagav


<p style="color:white;">Baby playing with Pipette products</p>

 “Stock up on cloth shopping bags instead of using plastic or paper grocery bags—they’re pretty, reusable, and so much better for the environment.” —@raisingthreekind_


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