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Soon-to-be big sister Chloe learns from Justin why dads need coffee, and the truth about babies and….poopy diapers.

Meet eight year-old Chloe: she’s about to have a brand-new baby brother, and she’s dying to learn what life will be like when he arrives. So she’s taking matters into her own hands and interviewing her favorite celebrity parents to get advice on how to be the bestest big sister.

For our second installment, Chloe interviews Justin Baldoni, actor, director, producer, and star of the beloved series, Jane The Virgin. Justin is a dad of two, and stopped by Chloe’s house with his wife Emily and their almost two-year-old son Maxwell for a little play time in the new nursery, a quick lesson in the difference between baby lotion and balm, and some real talk about changing diapers.

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