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Easy ways the whole family can keep it clean during quarantine.


Frequently clean toys and other often used objects

  • We all know how kids love putting everything in their mouths. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure whatever they’re chewing on is spick and span!


Wash hands often (hand sanitizer when you can’t)

  • Clean hands should be an essential part of every family’s hygiene practice, but washing for a solid 20 seconds is also vital for keeping germs from spreading and everyone healthy and safe. And if soap and water aren’t an option, Pipette Hand Sanitizer will do the trick.


Bathe on your usual non-quarantine schedule

  • It’s definitely easy to let go a little of showering and taking baths when you’re stuck at home and out of the public eye, but keeping up with a consistent bathing schedule is actually healthy for both body and mind.


Brush your teeth every morning and night

  • Brushing your teeth should go without saying, but those of you suddenly working from home may find that occasionally 2 pm has crept up and your teeth are starting to feel like they’re wearing tiny fuzzy sweaters. And don’t forget to replace your toothbrush about every 3 months to keep those pearly whites clean.


Wash your face before bed

  • Even if you don’t wear makeup—but especially if you do—if you go to bed without washing the day’s grime off, you’ll end up contaminating your pillow, which can lead to clogged pores, irritated skin, and increased allergies. And if you’re feeling too tired at the end of the day, Pipette Baby Wipes help do the trick.


Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated

  • Keep the water flowing, and throw in some orange or lemon slices now and then to make it more interesting. And if you’re using a reusable bottle, be sure to wash it regularly—that nice, wet environment is a perfect place for bacteria to grow.


Clean your cell phone on the regular

  • Think about how often you use your phone to talk, text and browse. And did you know, it’s been shown that the average cell phone carries about 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats? That should get you in the habit of cleaning it!


Use different cutting boards to avoid food contamination

  • Use different color cutting boards designated for different types of food. That way, you reduce the risk of cross-contaminating your veggies with meat. It’s an easy way to remember and teach your kids the importance of food safety.


Stay connected—Skype with friends and loved ones

  • There’s a bigger picture to staying healthy and happy than just hand-washing, and it can be challenging to be away from friends and family for extended periods of time—no matter how old you are. Keep those adorable faces available to grandparents, aunts and uncles through video conversations. Just make sure it falls on a day that you and the kids have decided to comb your hair.


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