Candid image with mom and kids.

To all the parents struggling with eczema: you’re not alone.


“Dealing with my kid’s eczema is so easy!”…..said literally no parent ever. Whether you’re trying to soothe a pre-verbal baby, dunking your toddler in oatmeal baths, or attempting, for the millionth time, to convince your five-year-old not to scratch a flare up, the universal eczema-parent consensus is: this shit is hard.


It can also feel isolating and stressful, especially if you haven’t yet found a community of parents who are dealing with similar challenges. And eczema can affect much more than just your skin: 60% of kids with eczema deal with sleep disturbances, and children or adolescents with eczema are two to six times more likely to have depression, anxiety, or conduct disorders.


But if you or your loved ones are part of the 31 million Americans with eczema, know this: You are not alone. That’s why we asked three moms to share, in their own words, what it’s like to care for a kid with eczema. These are their stories. We welcome you to tag #Ditchtheitch on Facebook or Instagram and share your own eczema experience.


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