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What Pipette is doing this season to give back to the community.

At Pipette we’re all about giving kids the best possible start, and we recently had the pleasure of helping out at a couple of baby shower events for home-challenged moms. The showers were hosted by the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), a San Francisco-based non-profit on a mission to break the cycle of childhood poverty. This amazing organization works with underprivileged families to provide support with housing assistance, childcare, and prenatal and child development education. 

Pipette Team, volunteering at the Homeless Prenatal event.

Three times a year, HPP offers expectant moms a 10-series prenatal class that ends with a group baby shower celebration. We were on hand to serve food, give out Pipette products, and help with fun baby shower games. The guests had the chance to win prizes by playing the games, one of which had me donning a paper mâché pregnancy belly so everyone could guess how big around I was! Another game had two Pipette team members at opposite ends of a rope to mimic a clothesline. The moms and dads present took turns seeing how quickly they could pin clothes to the line while simultaneously talking on the phone and holding a “baby” (actually a life-sized doll). No easy feat, and a true show of what it takes to be a multitasking parent!


In addition to receiving Pipette goodies, each partygoer received a diaper bag backpack filled with diapers and other necessities donated by the Rotary Club, and beautiful handmade crocheted and knitted hats and blankets from Baby Love Ministry.

Dessert table at the Homeless Prenatal event

All in all, it was a meaningful day and we left inspired by the parents who came and the amazing HPP staff. It’s important to remember that while the holidays can be a wonderful time to celebrate with loved ones, it can also be stressful for those families faced with the daily struggle of making ends meet. If you can, reach out and lend a hand—no matter the season, there’s always a reason to give.

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