Valentine's Day Candy Hearts.

Celebrate the moms in your life with gifts they’ll really want (and use!) for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate love—and what could be nicer than that? Whether the mom you’re gifting is a partner, a sister, or your very own mother, we’ve rounded up the gifts that she’ll actually put to use. Of course, this is not to say that moms don’t love getting roses or chocolates any less (really, feel free to send them!). But getting gifts that celebrate her life as a mom or make her everyday routine easier and more relaxing—those are the ones that will really stand out. (And hey—if you’re the mom in question and want to gift yourself any of these, we fully support!)


Give Her Pampering


<p style="color:white;">Pipette Valentine's Day Superset which includes Belly Oil, Belly Butter, Relaxing Body Wash, Relaxing Body Lotion and Limited Edition Tote Bag.</p>

Many moms will tell you that getting to take a long bath with a glass of wine is the ultimate weeknight indulgence. Help her turn that into a relaxing ritual with our Pipette Valentine’s Day Superset, which includes our ultra-clean and nontoxic Relaxing Wash, Relaxing Lotion, Belly Oil, and Belly Butter—all designed with pregnant and postpartum moms in mind—plus an adorable Pipette Tote. Her skin will be softer and her mind will be clearer—and you can’t ask for too much more than that on a random Wednesday.


Give Her Great Taste


<p style="color:white;">Daily Harvest 4 smoothies displayed.</p>

Having a healthy breakfast, snack, or really any meal can feel daunting during busy parenting days. But a healthy delivery service like Daily Harvest makes it easy (and delicious) to have a soup, smoothie or bowl when you need to be on-the-go. A gift card will let her customize her delivery so she can try exactly what she likes. It all arrives frozen and ready to be made with one-step prep. And did we mention it’s delicious?


Give Her the Right Kind of Luxury


<p style="color:white;">Women wearing Lunya Silk Robes.</p>

Having kids can be messy (often in a fun way!), so wearing dry-clean-only fabrics isn’t usually high on moms’ lists. But these machine-washable silk robes from Lunya perfectly walk the line of luxurious and practical. The silk helps naturally regulate body temperature, there’s an interior tie to keep everything secure, and the cinched sleeves keep her from accidentally dragging the cuffs through someone’s art project.



Give Her a Personal Masterpiece


<p style="color:white;">3 Brevity Jewelry Necklaces kids stick figure inspired.</p>

If you know a mom who has already covered the refrigerator doors with the little ones’ drawings, this one’s for her: Brevity Jewelry takes a scan of your kid’s stick-figure drawing, renders it in anything from stainless steel to 14k rose gold, and turns it into a gorgeous—and literally one-of-a-kind—necklace.


Give Her At-Home Fitness


<p style="color:white;">iPhone displaying Obe Fitness app.</p>

Gone are the days of having to find childcare if you want to work out at your top level. Obe Fitness brings the classes to your TV or laptop so that you can fit in a solid sweat any time day or night, without ever having to leave your home. A gift card lets her try out the service and explore all the different class options.


Give Her a Glow


<p style="color:white;">Set of 4-Biossance Radiant Beauty Collection.</p>

Fact: your skin changes when you become a mom. Biossance’s products are nontoxic, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan, so you know you’re giving her something that’s actually good for her skin. The Radiant Beauty Collection combines three of their best-selling skincare products along with a Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Sculptor in a gorgeous keepsake box.


Give Her Chill


<p style="color:white;">Corkcicle.</p>

Drinking an entire beverage in one sitting becomes an odd challenge once you have kids. Yes, you’ve now officially become the person who inexplicably nurses an iced coffee over the course of four hours. But thanks to Corkcicle, that drink can actually stay cold over those hours. And it’s so cute, she’ll want to take it everywhere with her.


Give Her Hands-Free Ease


<p style="color:white;">Go Dash Dot Belt Bag/Crossbody.</p>

No one multi-tasks like a mom, so she deserves a bag that does it all too. The Go Dash Dot Belt Bag/Crossbody easily converts from trendily slung across your waist to a secure cross-body purse. The multiple pockets make it easy to find what you need in a snap, and the water-resistant material means it can go pretty much anywhere with you.


Give Her Support


<p style="color:white;">Okko Signature Bra.</p>

Can we be honest for a moment? No one’s boobs are exactly the same after having a baby. And while bralettes feel extra-comfortable, they don’t usually offer a ton of support. Okko is changing all of that with their chic, streamlined Signature Bra, which is wireless, hookless and actually gives a real lift. I.e., the sort of thing she’ll want to wear 24/7.


Give Her Zen


<p style="color:white;">Uma Pure Bliss Wellness Candle.</p>

She already eats organic, uses clean skincare on her face, and chooses safe baby care for the littles; the 100% nontoxic Uma Pure Bliss Wellness Candle ensures that she can bring that dedication to her candle game as well. Designed with Ayurvedic principles and packed with essential oils, this candle will help her seriously unwind.


Give Her Memories


<p style="color:white;">Artifact Uprising.</p>

Our phones are filled with hundreds (ok, fine, thousands) of photos of our kids. We might even have some piles of prints somewhere waiting to be added to a scrapbook. But putting together all of her favorite photos into a beautiful keepsake book is a gift she’ll always treasure. Whether you want to pull her best Instagram photos or go through the digital archives, Artifact Uprising makes it easy with its app and upload tool. And the finished result is an artistic creation she won’t believe you made on your phone.


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